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You will probably never see the code but you and your customers will definitely feel the TreeStone difference. You want code that is smart, thought through, just works and of course bug free. With TreeStone we do the thinking before writing the code, so you can rely on your system to work smoothly after it is deployed. This gives you peace of mind so you can focus on running your business and driving your sales up.

Cost Effective

Working with a big agency does not necessarily give you the best service, the most talent or the latest technology. Essentially, what you get are huge bills, big promises, long silences, and impersonal “project managers” whose main focus is getting a project off their books. At TreeStone Media, we’re here to serve your business, and we’re quick to respond to your questions and provide comprehensive answers. We strive to listen intently and get estimates and ideas to our clients promptly.

Customer Centric

At TreeStone there is only one thing we focus on. Your needs. The focus is always on what is the best for you and your business. Want a new web site? Tell us your needs, and we can assess how to develop the right web site within your budget. We seek to figure out the best solutions for each client and to be mindful of their budget. Providing simple solutions that have a great impact on your success and future needs.

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Magento is the leading eCommerce platform. Drawing on our experience in Magento we provide robust solutions for your eCommerce business. We also provide a wide range of integration services for all order management and sales channels.


Shopify is an a great option to get your shop online with minimal investment. Whether you sell online, on social media, in store, or out of the trunk of your car, Shopify has you covered. Whether you need to get up and running or need a custom App, our experts will create the best custom solution for your needs.


The key to great software begins way before writing code. It’s the understanding of your business, processes then charting out the best solution for your specific needs. At TreeStone it's more than just great code, its taking care of all the prerequisites necessary to writing great code.


WordPress is one of the internet’s most popular platforms. We build WordPress sites for many applications. Harnessing the power of its' built in features, third party plugins and some ingenious thinking, we do some really cool stuff with WordPress.


TreeStone is your complete source or all your eCommerce needs. At TreeStone we will help advise as to which platform is ideal for your company and assist in implementing that solution. We can help you manage any eCommerce platform including Shopify and WooCommerce.

Web Development

If it lives in the web it lives in our hearts and minds. TreeStone is your source for all your web development needs. We offer a full array of custom solutions for any needs your business may have.

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What our clients are saying

We have been extremely happy working with TreeStone Media on our new website. They were not the first eCommerce designer/developer we worked with. We’re so happy we found them! From the first design/strategic planning meeting to the launch of our website and after TreeStone Media has been professional, responsible and understanding of our needs. We highly recommend TreeStone Media. Joe E.

Founder, DC Cargo Mall

I've used lots of developers while running my e-commerce business since starting in 2002.  I can tell you that TreeStone provides the most complete solutions from experience. I consider them an important partner in helping us stay on top of the constantly changing online business. Dan


Finding the right team to support your website needs is always dicey.  Promises go unfulfilled, knowledge is over-exaggerated and costs only go up.  After nearly two decades in e-commerce I found TreeStone Media.  Immediately I could tell this was a different type of operation.  Chaim is extremely honest and forthright with the services and quotes he provides.  Not only is TreeStone affordable, but you can't afford not to use them because they take 110% responsibility for their work and their billings are more than fair.  We've used TreeStone for both Magento and Wordpress and every project has exceeded our expectations.  As long as Chaim and TreeStone have time for us, they will be our go-to website team. Jill

RBN Roofing

Working with TreeStone Media was a real pleasure. They were not the first eCommerce designer/developer we worked with. The first few companies we worked with were a huge headache with problem after problem popping up. Once we started with TreeStone Media we were pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable the process can be when working with a competent company. From the first design/strategic planning meeting to the finish (which was actually on time) the team was great to work with. The competency of the company continued all through the day to day management of the site. From managing the servers to daily changes we made to the site, everything was taken care of promptly, professionally, and just left us with a good feeling. We highly recommend TreeStone Media for their professionalism, competency and general attitude (never saying it can't be done, only how are we going to get it done).

Dovid Rudnicki

RBB Improvements

My experience with TreeStone was excellent and I would highly recommend them. Chaim was a pleasure to deal with and created us an excellent site at an equally excellent price. At TreeStone they understand your needs and knock-out projects quickly and smoothly implementing the very best solutions. Tova Rottenberg

TreeStone was a great help in developing our new site. They had all the expertise that we did not have. When you have a small staff you sometimes need to reach out to the experts and we did not go wrong with Chaim and his team. We have had great success with our new site and received many compliments when we went live. The on-going help and updating is easy and never seems to be a bother. Thanks for making us look good!

The Mazel Company

The Mazel Company

Working with TreeStone has increased our bottom line in a number of ways. Our projects are executed in a more timely fashion. The projects have less bugs. The functionality is intelligent, since Haim walks through the logic entirely before executing any project. I would highly recommend TreeStone to someone looking to remove headaches from their website management. Michael Rosenberg

We were happy to make the transition to TreeStone Media for our e-commerce company. Our integration from our previous developer was smooth and easy thanks to the help of TreeStone's developers. TreeStone does an exemplary job in both communicating ongoing tasks as well as completing projects in a timely manner. They're informative, prompt and have provided our company with excellent developmental support. They're happy to educate and instruct in all aspects of their services regardless of how tech savvy you are on the backend of your website. This level of service and reassurance goes a long way in helping us make smarter decisions about our website's layout and functionality. They have been a crucial aspect to both our website's long-term and day to day optimization. We're happy to recommend their services to help better your business. Chad

Crucial Vacuum

We started with TreeStone 7 years ago and we are continuously amazed at the quality work they do. They are the best! Jacob Eisenstein

David Eisenstein Real Estate Corp.

We have been extremely happy working with TreeStone Media on our new website. Throughout the launch of our website (and after) TreeStone Media has been professional, responsible and understanding of our needs. We highly recommend TreeStone Media for anyone looking for launch a new website or work on an existing website.

Alex Heitner

Label Land

We had such an easy experience working with treestone media. They really listened well to our desires, then took our ideas and made them a reality. The attention to detail is not found among other companies. They went above and beyond to give us way more than we paid for. I give the highest recommendation to them and would use them again.

Aaron G.

Local Biz Guru

I can never thank enough the friend that referred me to TreeStone. I highly recommend Haim and his wonderful team. It is a rare combination of efficiency, honesty and understanding at a cost you won't find anywhere else. Joe Czweiber


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