A lot has changed in the way we create PPC campaigns and how we convince visitors who land on our site to make a purchase.

Say for example you sell hair brushes, the old school way of doing things would be to create an ad for “best hair brushes” and when users click on the ad you would redirect them to a page that looks as such:


If you just looked at this image and said to yourself “great – that’s a beauty page!”, here’s where you need to get up to speed and start converting on your landing pages.
When a user has more than a two-second attention span, that page is great, it displays a whole bunch of items, it shows the user that you have a variety of products and it gives the user a few choices to choose from.

The reality, however, is that users have less than a two-second attention span, and if you don’t “catch” the user within the first second, you lost him.

So here’s some general pointers for you to consider when you’re building your landing pages. As always each site is different and you should always take an individualized approach.

Your page should be short and to the point

Having too much information or too many areas on your page is a sure way to distract your visitors and a poor way of getting them to convert. take a look at these pages from Quip and Wayfair and you will see that both these pages have very little information on them, yet just enough content to get you to go to the next step.


Your pages should have a clear call to action

When your users land on your page, you want the call to action button to be as prominent as possible, the user’s sub-conscience will get him to follow through and click on that button provided that it is clearly visible and easily understood to be the logical next step progression, take a look at these beautiful pages from EveryKey and SumoMe


Your pages should have vibrant color and crisp imagery – but don’t overdo it

You want visitors to instantly like what they see even before they know what you’re offering or trying to sell them on, you don’t want them to only be impressed, you want to dazzle them.
When users land on a stunning landing page, they are instantly more inclined to find out more and explore your offering, they already have a positive feeling towards your brand – take a look @ these stunning pages from Hubspot and Bench



There’s plenty more to your landing pages

Ultimately, the best way to measure the effectiveness of your landing page is to see the results, how many people are landing on your page VS how many people just bounce off. If the numbers are not what you expected there are two simple possibilities, either your page is lacking the basics described above or your product is simply not that attractive 🙁 .

For your sake, we would like to believe that just tweaking your page design will increase the conversion rates, and you should never be shy to go back to the drawing board and giving your pages an overhaul, try it with one page you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.