There are a lot of open ended things that come with running a Magento e-commerce store and the tendency is often to outsource these things and then before you know it, your business model looks like the header image.

In the above image you will see that a lot of essential things are being run by 3rd parties and they all cost something so by time you’re done with all these add-ons, your profit margins take a big hit.

A very common thing for companies to outsource is cart abandonment, because the way these solution usually work is that they only charge a commission for every customer that they bring back and that converts the abandoned cart into a transaction.

What’s wrong about this is that a lot of times they convert people that would have come back anyway, so you never really know how accurate their data is but more importantly why would you outsource this when you can do it yourself from within your Magento store?

Sounds awesome, no? Meet Mirasvit Follow Up Email – we installed this extension for one of our clients and we were very satisfied with the results.

You can go onto Mirasvit’s site and see all the different use cases for this extension, but we used it primarily for cart abandonment.

It’s very simple to use and it’s pretty straight forward, you setup a “trigger” that’s an action that will trigger a response form your site, you set up conditions for that action to happen, for example “if the product in cart was above $10”, and then you set up the action, for example “send them an email with a coupon”.
As an added bonus, we were able to create a condition that ignores our email addresses so that we don’t get these emails every time we’re testing something on the site.

The report section shows us how many times the trigger was triggered and what action were taken and what the conversion rate was on these actions and the results are pretty neat, let’s just say the extension paid for itself on the first day it was installed.

We have since used this extension for a few other clients and have likewise seen very satisfactory results.
There are a lot of extension out there that do the same thing or at least something very similar but we really liked the architecture and simplicity of use + the extra features that Mirasvit tends to pack with their extensions.