There are a lot of hosts out there, and each and everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages, but today we would like to share with you our 5 main points why we like to recommend Nexcess

  1. They do hosting as best as can be done
  2. Their support is always available
  3. Their support staff is knowledgeable
  4. Their response time is compared to none
  5. Their pricing is very fair

Let’s face it, if you had an unlimited budget, you would hire an IT guy who would be your systems administrator, he would purchase the servers, routers, switches and all the other hardware you’ll need to host your site, and he will constantly be in charge of making sure your site is up, blazing fast and secure.
But since you don’t have an endless budget, you need to outsource it to a company that will treat your site as their own and consistently be on top of it, and Nexcess does that very well.

And when something does go wrong, all you have to do is send a quick email to [email protected], and that will automatically create a ticket with Nexcess, and someone will get back to you ASAP.

On days when they are bogged down, you will still get a response back in a short amount of time, even if it’s only to let you know that someone will be on your issue momentarily. Many other hosts we deal with have auto-responses that leave you waiting in angst till a real human being addresses your concerns.

We like repeating ad nauseam how the first time we called Nexcess and got a live person to answer the phone after a couple of rings, we were so flabbergasted as this is not what you get with other companies, try calling GoDaddy or BlueHost and see how that goes.

Especially if you’re hosting a WordPress or Magento site, their support team will usually be able to address your concerns in a knowledgeable fashion, without sending you for a run around between your developer and your high school friend  who knows something about computers. They will often be able to identify the cause of the issues within your application as opposed to an issue with the server and they will help you till the issue is resolved.

We don’t like companies that lock you into contracts, because that usually means that the company knows that once you get to know their product you will want to ditch it – we know that’s not always the case, but that’s the impression that’s given when companies refuse to take on customers without long term contracts, Nexcess has no long term contracts (on the higher end servers they do but that’s because they are a lot of expenses that they incur while setting things up for you) try them out, be amazed by their performance and send them our regards, you’ll be happy you did.

As always, if you don’t want to deal with hosting altogether, all you have to do is send us an email and we’ll take it from there, but if we tell you we recommend Nexcess, you’ll know why 🙂