One of our clients asked us to install YotPo Reviews onto their Magento site.
Like we always do, we first took a hard look @ what the extension actually does and how it was developed.
You’d be surprised how many valuable and reputable companies outsource their 3rd party extension to less reputable agencies and often times the results are a disaster.

The first thing we saw about YotPo was something we fell in love with instantly, let me explain:
When you make a purchase on a website and you get an email asking you for a review, you gotta really be in the mood of posting a review in order to follow through the necessary steps.
This usually entails following a link back to the site where you purchased the item from, sometimes you are required to login, other times you need to locate the product you bought, when you’re finally on the review page, you need to fill out all your info besides for the review – YotPo simplifies that.

You get an email, and within the body of your email you click on the star rating you want to give and add a few sentences to your review, click on submit and VOILA, you’re review is posted!
How awesome is that? If you’re still thinking about it, you either don’t mind going through the arduous process of posting reviews or you usually don’t post reviews.

If you are a site owner however, you know how crucial site reviews are to your site, and you’ve often had strategy meetings on how to improve your review collection process.
You’ve tried offering gift cards and follow up coupons, but be honest – how many reviews have you really managed to collect?

With the simplicity that YotPo offers, your site will start collecting reviews on Auto Pilot, sit back and relax – the reviews will roll.
There is of course one caveat, and if your product or service wasn’t so good, negative reviewers will have an easier way to let the world know of their frustration with your brand.


Some websites do have valuable products and excellent service, and with the use of YotPo their site now looks much better, how so?
Their listing pages now show nice review scores and review counts for most of their items, and when a user visits the site, these high marks are an additional clincher in convincing the customer that your website is highly regarded by the community of shoppers, the proof is in the pudding look @ the review count.

You can reach out to YotPo directly or reach out to us and we’ll show you how easy it is to get started with YotPo.