Why Us




Your website is the first line of Public Relations in an online world. Every business hand shake is preceded by a complete scrutiny of your website. TreeStone scrutinizes your business objectives from a customer’s angle before proceeding to the designing table.

Our design team portrays the most interactive and business worthy image of your business. We understand that communication and conversation is the key to a website’s success – which means incorporating the most effective web 2.0 and social networking concepts. The result is a website which is highly business oriented, functionally flawless and with the most apt Call to Action buttons for instant decision making – both for the potential customers and partners.

We invest in our research and skills so that it boost your business growth!




Working with a big agency does not necessarily give you the best service, the most talent or the latest technology. Essentially, what you get are huge bills, big promises, long silences, and impersonal “project managers” whose main focus is getting a project off their books.

At TreeStone Media Design, we’re here to serve your business, and we’re quick to respond to your questions and provide comprehensive answers. We strive to listen intently and get estimates and ideas to our clients promptly. Need a logo design? After approval, we’re able to send clients several ideas often within a couple days. Want a new web site? Tell us your needs, and we can assess how to develop the right web site within your budget.




They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but people do it every day. Your customers often form impressions about your company within a few seconds. Creating a professional, consistent look and appearance for your product or service is critical to connect with your customers.

Creativity is at the heart of our business – not just on the surface of our solutions. Our one-of-a-kind graphic design work makes people look, think, talk, laugh, decide, change, and commit. No matter what the scope of the project, we will communicate your message to the viewer with memorable impact. We’ll help you produce material that is easy on the eyes, but speaks to your audiences in strong, effective ways. Whether it’s a brochure that intrigues your customers, an advertisement that compels the reader to visit your web site, or a business card you’ll be proud to give away – we channel our creativity to deliver quality design every time.