Custom WordPress Development

WordPress is the most popular Content Management Solution available out there.
With a pack of features out of the box, thousands of plugins and an easy to navigate interface, WordPress is the best go to solution for 90% of websites. We’ve been working with WordPress since its inception in 2003 and can provide professional assistance for any WordPress related project.

New to WordPress?

We offer help in building a WordPress site from scratch.

Switching to the WordPress?

We handle all aspects of the migration from your current website.

Need to upgrade?

We will take all the hassle out of the process and implement a risk-free, zero downtime WordPress site upgrade.

Need a custom plugin?

Our experts will develop a plugin tailored to your needs

Stand out with your unique design

We will design or use your own design so your website is truly unique to your brand

Stay safe!

We will apply any patches and do a full code review to make sure your site is 100% safe


Fully Responsive

Our WordPress websites are fully responsive and adapt to any device beautifully.

Why TreeStone?

We have a very qualified team of developers that will turn your ideas into reality. Our many satisfied clients all agree that working with us has been the best experience. We keep you informed throughout all stages of the project. We never overcharge and we always overachieve. Once we take on a project, your success is our success and we work very hard to make sure you are absolutely thrilled with the job – you will love it!

Ready for a great WordPress site?

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Plans and Pricing

While prices will vary per job, here are typical prices so you can get an idea and make the right budgetary decisions.

New site

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  • Latest designs
  • Fully responsive
  • Features packed
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Site Upgrade

Stay up to date
  • Secure
  • Compatibility
  • Latest Features
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Custom Plugin

That feature that you need
  • Great Code
  • User Friendly
  • No conflicts
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Stop in and say hello

Do you want to discuss your next project or the latest technology? Or maybe you just want to shoot some pool? Feel free to stop in and say hello! Address: 23645 Mercantile Rd Suite J, Beachwood OH 44122 Email: [email protected] Phone: 216.282.3500

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What is My E-commerce Site Missing?

Small and large multinational business have decided to take their operations to online platforms due to the available technology and support, and the increased number of people using the internet to buy goods and services. Companies are using e-commerce platforms...
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Get Answers

Are you confused by all the platforms out there and the difference between them? Shopify? Magento? WooCommerce? … We have been providing excellent solutions to a variety of industries for many years and I would be happy to give you a no obligation quick 15...
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Up and running with Shopify in less than 30 minutes

Shopify is rapidly gaining popularity and for good reasons. There are no design or coding skills needed to set up a beautiful and fully functional site. Follow our easy  5 steps and you will be amazed at what you just pulled off – try it! 1. Sign up for an...
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A review of Fullstory – You need this!

What is Fullstory? In short Fullstory is a way for you to see everything that happens on your site, the way the visitor saw it. Just click play and it will replay the session exactly as the visitor experienced it. Was the customer not able to find the checkout button?...
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pop up messages

To pop up or not to pop up that is the question

Anyone browsing the web today knows how annoying pop up messages can get, yet what would seem as a “common sense bounce increase cause” is turning into the norm. Should your site have pop up messages? What is the advantage of using them? Do they increase...
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You can compete

Customer experience matters

Big box shops such as have created a lot of sales opportunities for many vendors but they have also raised the bar very high for the customer. These companies have very large budgets and are able to spend countless hours and dollars on perfecting the...
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your website needs TLC

Your website needs constant TLC

Getting your website off to a great start You have a great line of products, you worked very hard on getting it manufactured, creating a logo and getting all the branding. Your company set up a nice office, hired the right staff, now you need an e-commerce website so...
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development doesn't cost, it pays!

The cost of good development Pays!

Many people come to us and inquire about development cost after they have already been disappointed by someone else. These people fit into two main categories: The people who were looking for a cheap solution with low development costs and they got what they paid for....
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5 things Shopify needs to address

5 issues Shopify needs to address

Shopify is a great platform if you need to get a store setup on the run, the whole process should take you less than an hour. Once you get your store setup, and you start getting serious about selling, Shopify has a few drawbacks that make it very tricky to go the...
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