So you decided that you want to give your homepage a revamp, it’s about time isn’t it?

Last time you did this (possibly also the first time), you had your secretary look @ other sites and come back with suggestions, you then took these suggestions and showed them to your significant other, who then discussed them with her co-worker and then you asked your friend who’s a mechanic what he thinks.

The result of this whole exercise was a beautiful homepage but now it’s time to give that page a face lift, are you ready to go through this process again?

You should definitely not go the same route again, instead you should go piece by piece and use data to drive your changes, let me explain:

Say you now want to add a “Subscribe to our deals” block on your homepage, where should this block go? Right under the main image? Or maybe closer to the footer? Don’t sweat – it’s not such a complicated decision, you can test them both and see. Set up an AB test with one variation that has it right under the main image and another variation that has it towards the footer, let the test run for a few weeks and when the results come in (what placement converted in the most subscribers) you are now ready to decide where that block should go. Keep in mind that you’re adding that block there because you want users to subscribe, and your users have just told you what variation will quicker get them to subscribe – the jury has spoken.

What if you’re not sure if your homepage should include a “Featured item of the month” block, just follow the same process that you did for the “Subscribe to our deals” block and you’ll quickly get to see if that block belongs there or not.

This time around, the design of your homepage will be data driven and built to deliver conversions, not to satisfy your significant other or your mechanic.

The process might sound a little bit more overwhelming but the result will be one that will be in line with the reason why you have a web site in the first place, to convert and make money so roll up your sleeves and get to work, the reward is worth it.

As always if you need any help, just reach out, we’re right here and can’t wait to make this an easy and fun project to work on with results that you will love.