Traditionally speaking, your homepage is the root page of your site and in theory is the entry page for visitors on your site.

A lot of attention and effort is spent by site owners on their homepage, adding featured content, sliders and all kind of other content that you see only on a homepage.

Is that really true though? Is your homepage the entry page for the visitors on your site?

Anyone looking at the analytics of their site will probably confirm that for the most part this is not true anymore, especially if you’re in the e-commerce world.

Established brands like Amazon, Target… will get traffic to their homepage, but for a majority of smaller sites, the traffic is mainly driven by advertising, social and email campaigns, and what that means is that the link in these campaigns is generally targeted at a specific page on your site.

Why does it matter and what difference does it make?

When you realize that 99% of your site visitors don’t really know who you are and what you’re about, you’ll also comprehend the importance of the first impression you make on the visitor no matter what page they use as an entry page.

All the important information and pertinent content must be prominent on every page of your site.

A visitor needs to be able to answer most of his questions about your business from the page he’s on, most visitors won’t go searching for that answer – how many times did anyone visit your about-us page?

There are of course the obvious things that most people include in the header or footer;

  • Trust seals
  • Accepted payment methods
  • Store/ warehouse location
  • Shipping charges

In reality though, there is some industry specific material that should also be prominent on each page.
If for example you’re selling personal flowers, having a gallery of bouquets on each page will help convince your customer that you understand flowers.

The point of this writing is not to discuss what you should include on every page, rather the point is to underline the importance of each page on your site and give it as much focus if not more than your homepage.

If you have ideas of what you’d like to include on product pages, category pages or any other landing page, give us a call or send us an email and we’ll help you take care of that in no time – try.